DC Improvisers Collective "Holiday Ruminations"
DC Improvisers Collective "Ministry of Spontaneous Composition"
The Love Load "Metal Mothman"
Skelp "Blood"
DC Improvisers Collective "In the Gloam of the Anthropocene"
Jonathan Matis "Akeboki"
The Love Load "Oh Be Joyful"
The Love Load "3 on a Match"
Skelp "Volume"
The Love Load "Human Resourceful"
The Caution Curves "Natural Expression"
Sean McArdle "Northern Charms"
"District of Noise" Sonic Circuits Compilation
Sean McArdle "Still Working"
DC Improvisers Collective "Live at Warehouse w/ Greg Osby"
"Dischord Box Set Bonus Tracks 2000-2008"
Joe Lally "Nothing Is Underrated"
DC Improvisers Collective "Triangulation"

"Keep Singing!" Compilation CD
DC Improvisers Collective "Meme & Variations"
John Guilt "The Mirrors and Uncle Sam"
Maestro Echoplex "Last Night I Saw God On The Dancefloor"
Sarah Azzara "It Turns Us On"
Sarah Azzara "Split CD-EP w/ Sylvan Screen"
Sarah Azzara "Love & Hate Among the Stars"
Sarah Azzara "Revenge of Dangergirl"
Stella Schindler "New Horizon"
The Capitol City Dusters "Rock Creek"
The Capitol City Dusters "Simplicity"
The Capitol City Dusters "Split 7" w/ Aina"
The Capitol City Dusters "Split 10" w/ The Most Secret Method"
The Capitol City Dusters "Forest Fire b/w Seventeen"
The Delta 72 "On the Rocks"
Treiops Treyfid "Reach the Explosion"
Razor 18 "P Street Beach"
Junction "Collection of Random Mishaps"
Junction "Swingset"
out of print
Junction "Falling & Laughing" 7"
out of print
Junction "w/ Separate Peace"
out of print